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Beyond the Trolley Problem - Ethics in AI

Genevieve Bell Director, Autonomy, Agency and Assurance (3A) Institute and Senior Fellow, Intel Corporation The Trolley Problem dates back nearly 100 years. These days it is has gained new currency with its seeming applicability to the ethical challenges posed by early autonomous vehicles. Of course the Trolley Problem is at its core a thought exercise, not a blue print. As such, it doesn’t not provide ethics per se, but ways in which ethics can be debated. There is an additional complexity: ethics are, by their nature, contingent and contested; the underpinning notions of good and bad, right and wrong, have undergone significant shifts in the last century. On a broader set of thought exercises, this talk examines the nature of ethics, how and why they might apply in a world of Artificial Intelligence technologies and emergent cyber-physical systems.


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